Let’s Build the Taper to the ‘X’ Frame Physique

Attention, dedicated female athletes!

🏃‍♀️🎖️ Are you ready to step up your game and sculpt your body into the much-coveted X-frame competition physique? Meet Darryl Daniels, a Master Trainer and Certified Glute Specialist, who has been trailblazing in the fitness industry for over four decades.

His mission? To empower women to achieve the distinctive ‘competition look’—bold shoulders, a toned upper back, a slender waist, round and firm glutes, muscular hamstrings and quads, along with defined abs and arms.

Darryl’s trailblazing nature took root back in the 1980’s when he opened his first commercial gym Golds Gym in Twin Peaks CA.  In 2016, he brought his expertise to the digital world and launched BeyondBodyzOnlineFitness, at a time when online training was still finding its footing and Zoom was very clunky.💻

His comprehensive Competition Look program offers more than just a strenuous workout; it’s an immersive roadmap to a transformative lifestyle. This all-encompassing program includes nutrition guidance, meal planning, supplementation, and, of course, his highly specialized training routines.

While personal training slots with Darryl are as sought-after as a pair of limited-edition running shoes, the good news is there’s room for more in his online Competition Look program. This is a golden opportunity for all you determined women out there, striving to carve out your own space in let your body be your brand world.

In the realm of bodybuilding, “You better get yourself some” isn’t just a catchphrase—it’s a mindset. It’s about constantly reaching for your personal best, pushing your limits, and achieving your ultimate physical potential. So, are you ready to take this transformative journey and morph your body into a Competition-ready Looking masterpiece with Darryl Daniels and BeyondBodyzOnlineFitness?

Now’s the time to seize the day and get in on the action! 🌟💪