Mode: Lifestyle Competition Look or Compete Mode

Lifestyle vs Competition 


In the world of female fitness competition look there is an ongoing struggle between adopting a lifestyle approach versus a competition-focused mindset. Sometime you bitten by the competition bug but then you asses your life’s  reality and have to make a decision. 

Both approaches have their merits, and you must weigh your priorities and goals to determine which path suits you the best. At Beyond Bodyz I only believe in 1 way to compete and thats ALL IN. There are may cost associated with that. I will be addressing those cost in another blog this week.

Beyond Bodyz, a prominent organization in the fitness community, encourages women to explore and embrace both aspects while striving for the desired competition look. Pick what is right for you. Competing the way I approch it is definately not for everyone.

The lifestyle approach to female bodybuilding (this includes Bikini, Fitness and Wellness) revolves around a holistic perspective on health, fitness and focusing on a healthy mindset while building the Competitive Look.

If you choose this path you’ll prioritize overall well-being, aiming for a balanced physique and a sustainable lifestyle with no big swings up and down.

You’ll focus on consistent training, a nutritious diet, and maintaining a healthy body composition year-round. 

This is key🗝️✔️

While you certainly have aesthetic goals, your primary motivation will stem from a desire to feel strong, confident, and healthy.

Nothing gives you confidence like a strong, lean, fit body. 

The pinacle is when people ask if you compete!!

Lifestyle-oriented female bodybuilders prioritize developing muscle tone, enhancing strength, and achieving a fit physique that allows them to participate in various physical activities. 

As you age and you want to continue in a variety of sport and recreational activities this becomes more and more important.

In the Competition Look program you’ll be emphasizing overall body symmetry, proportion, and functional fitness to perform well. This approach often involves adopting a well-rounded exercise routine that incorporates cardiovascular workouts, resistance training, and flexibility exercises.

On the other hand, the competition mode in female bodybuilding represents a more specialized approach, honed to prepare for bodybuilding contests. Women who choose this path set their sights on achieving an exceptionally defined and muscular physique, optimized for the stage. This mode requires intense dedication, discipline, and specific training and diet protocols leading up to a competition. The training regimine is very close to the Competition Look program but flexibility in programing is removed and things become very specific and I accept nothing less than 100%. The competitor nutrition plan goes from 80/20 as discussed in another blog to 100% and no less!!

Beyond Bodyz, as an organization, recognizes the importance of both lifestyle and competition mode for female bodybuilders. They encourage women to embrace a well-rounded lifestyle approach, emphasizing overall health and fitness while also providing opportunities for those who wish to pursue competitive bodybuilding. Bodybuilding competition events provide a platform for female bodybuilders to showcase their hard work, dedication, and achieve the competition look they desire.

Ultimately, the decision between lifestyle and competition mode in female bodybuilding depends on your personal goals and aspirations. You may find fulfillment in the journey of adopting a balanced lifestyle, focusing on overall health and fitness. Others may be driven by the desire to compete and showcase their physique on stage, pushing themselves to achieve an extraordinary level of muscularity and conditioning. By recognizing the value in both approaches, women in the bodybuilding community can find their own path and define success on their own terms.



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