Beyond Bodyz 20 Method Success! Time for the Personal 50 Challenge!

“The Personal 50: More Than Just Time, It’s a Transformation”

As we move beyond the festive season, it’s time to reflect on our achievements with the Beyond Bodyz 20 method and gear up for the next challenge: the ‘Personal 50’. Challenge yourself to the next 5 days. 50 Min per day.

In our busy lives, dedicating even 50 minutes to ourselves might seem like a stretch. But consider this: it’s only 3.5% of your day. Compared to the 33% of our day we spend sleeping and the 12.5% that often goes unproductively, investing in yourself suddenly seems not just feasible, but necessary.

The statistics are alarming – 42% of Americans are overweight. This isn’t just a number; it’s a wake-up call for change. The ‘Personal 50’ isn’t just a workout routine; it’s a commitment to being more than average, to pursuing excellence.

This challenge is about more than physical transformation. It’s about mental resilience, breaking barriers, and redefining your limits. It’s about realizing that each day is an opportunity to progress towards your dreams – whether it’s dominating the stage, sculpting your physique, or transitioning gracefully from competition life to new ventures.

Remember, if you’re reading this, you’re already on the right path. You’re not part of the crowd; you’re leading it. The ‘Personal 50’ is your daily ticket to self-improvement and fulfillment.

As your coach, I’m not just here to guide you; I’m here to embark on this journey with you. Let’s make 2023 a year of unparalleled growth and achievement. Let’s crush those fears, build our strengths, and open doors to new possibilities.

Stay strong, stay committed, and let’s turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Coach Out.



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